Animals not to miss on your South African Safari

South African wildlife is some of the most dramatic and diverse on the entire planet and thousands of tourists every year flock to South Africa to view these incredible animals in their natural habitat. Here at 360 Escapes Villas we have an incredible range of South Africa villas that provide the best possible platform from which you can explore this incredible wildlife for yourself.

In this article we have put together a short list of animals that you will not want to miss when you pay this incredible region a visit;

The Lion

One of the most incredibly powerful and elegant animals in the world, the lion is a powerhouse of muscle, fur, teeth and claws and draws admiration from all who witness them. There is just something about the raw power and aggression that lions show during the hunt that makes them utterly mystifying. Seeing these big cats in a zoo can simply never compare to seeing them from a safari bus in their natural habitat.

Interesting fact about lions

They are anatomically identical to the tiger and only the appearance of their fur separates them, there have even been cross-breeds between the two species known as Ligers.


Somehow these 18 feet animals manage to carry such grace and beauty that they captivate people for entire lifetimes. With their awkward dimensions, beautiful patterning as well as their naturally calm temperament they really are one of the natural jewels of Africa. Whilst on your safari you will want to keep a constant eye out for a head popping up above the trees and be ready with the camera for that shot of a lifetime.

Interesting fact about Giraffes

A giraffes spots are like human fingerprints, no two animals will have the exact same pattern.


Now a protected species these wonderfully robust and gigantic animals provide the exact opposite to the aforementioned giraffe’s grace. The African elephant is the largest land mammal on earth and is the epitome of brute force and power. It is easy to see these creatures as the simple battering ram of the animal world but they are actually an incredibly complex species that form sophisticated matriarchal groups.

Interesting fact about Elephants

Elephants are one of the few species other than humans that can be observed to mourn the death of one of their species. Even rival herds of elephants will gather around the body to say a touching farewell.

The Nile Crocodile

This living dinosaur is one for all of the reptile lovers out there and really represents one of the most perfect evolutionary designs in the animal kingdom. Crocodiles have been around since dinosaurs walked the earth and have literally not changed since. Seeing them basking on the banks of a river or what looks like just a head floating along the river is sure to get a few pulses racing. Although their name would suggest they are a North African species, they are found throughout huge swathes of Africa.

Interesting fact about crocodiles

Crocodiles have a bite strength of around 3,700 PSI, to put that into perspective, the average human bite strength is 120 PSI.


The zebra is a must for any lover of horses as they are a relative of the common horse that inhabits a field near you. The most apparent difference is that wonderful coat; the beautiful striped pattern is one to look out for and you will certainly want to get a nice picture of one of these for the mantelpiece. A powerful zoom lens will be a must though as these animals are very easily spooked and you may struggle to get close.

Interesting fact about Zebras

Zebras can run up to 65kmh and couple this with incredible stamina and agility which makes them a surprisingly hard target for predators such as lions.

So if you are planning a safari holiday in South Africa then be sure to try your best to tick off these 5 amazing animals whilst you’re there. If you need any further help with booking your holiday then feel free to contact us and our dedicated staff will be happy to help.


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