What to Avoid When Searching for Villas in South Africa

Planning a trip can be stressful enough, but when you are searching for villas in South Africa online, it can be even more of a stress. Sadly, while the majority of accommodation providers offer an excellent level of quality and guest services, there are a few fly by night operators who take advantage of travellers. This of course is true of any country in the world, but none the less, how do you go about making sure that you find the villa providers who will not let you down?

Luckily, there are a few simple checks that you can do to separate the authentic providers from the not-so-authentic ones. This way, you can get peace of mind even if you are based far outside of the country and planning a trip abroad.

Things to Look Out for When Hiring South African Villas

What sort of ‘red flags’ and potential risk factors should you notice when searching for South African villas for your upcoming holiday or business trip? Here are some of the things that you will certainly want to avoid when making any bookings…

  • Accommodation listings that do not offer photographs of the property. This should go without saying, but despite the obvious reasons to want to see photos before you book any property for a holiday, many travellers are rushed into booking without ever seeing what the villa actually looks like. If there are no photos on the website, and the provider has an excuse for why they are not able to provide any, you should proceed with caution. This is even more of a concern if you are asked for any deposits upfront.
  • Listings or websites that do not provide any methods of contact. Online bookings are fantastic – especially as they allow you to make your reservations simply and safely from anywhere in the world. But warning flags should appear if there do not seem to be any ways to contact the provider. You should have a hotline, email, online ticketing system or some way to get in touch with the company – whether to ask questions, confirm bookings or speak to someone in person. If no contact info is provided and you are instead prompted to pay up first, be on your guard.
  • Providers who have poor reviews. Not sure how to find out whether your chosen villa provider is legit? A simple online search will help you see whether there are any reviews that you need to be aware of before using their services. You can also ask for testimonials if none are provided on their website, or ask for references from previous guests who have booked through their site. A provider who has one poor review amidst plenty of glowing reviews is likely to be good. One who has consistently poor reviews however and not any good reviews is a whole other story altogether.

By taking the time to think carefully before making any bookings online, you will save yourself plenty of money and effort in the long run. With plenty of truly good accommodation providers out there, you will find that booking villas in South Africa need not be a daunting task once you are sure that they have the ability to help you find your dream holiday villa.


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5 Reasons to Hire a Villa in South Africa for Your Next Event

If you thought that the only reasons to hire a villa in South Africa was for a holiday or business trip, you may be surprised to know that there are many other reasons that you could choose to hire a villa for a weekend, week or even longer.

Ideal as a venue for a number of different events, from private birthday celebrations to pre-wedding festivities and even a team building retreat, villas offer a luxurious, comfortable alternative to hotel boardrooms and stuffy halls and clubs. If planned well, your event can last over the course of a few days, with all the advantages of a home away from home. A private venue such as this will certainly give guests an occasion that they will not forget in a hurry!

Hiring a South African Villa for a Special Event

What are some of the reasons that you would want to hire a South African villa for a special occasion? Here are the top reasons to consider this option…

  • Birthdays. If you feel like you have been there and done that, plenty of times over, then perhaps your next birthday celebration should be something different. Booking a beautiful villa in your city or somewhere out of town allows you to entertain on a grand scale, with a fully equipped kitchen, living room fitted with sound system and, if you are lucky, a stunning swimming pool and deck area, too. Book for the entire weekend, and your birthday is sure to go down as one your best celebrations ever.
  • Anniversaries. Taking your beloved away for a special anniversary break is a good way to show them how much you care. You could also plan a family trip, or invite selected friends to a special anniversary weekend to celebrate with those who mean the most to you both. However long you plan to stay, being away from home in a breath-taking villa that has all the luxuries you could ever want will be just the treat you need to celebrate your time together.
  • Weddings. It is no secret that South Africa is one of the top places for destination weddings, but all of those important events that lead up to the big day can also be enjoyed at your choice of villa. Hen weekends, bachelor weekends, engagement parties and even private pre-wedding photo shoot weekends help to build excitement as you get closer to the main event.
  • Corporate Events. From office breaks to award weekends, product launches and many other types of corporate occasion, hiring a stylish villa can do wonders for brand reputation. Having a private space that is not in the middle of a hotel or nightclub, and therefore not accessible to uninvited guests, also ensures a smoother event.
  • Film Shoots. Many production companies seek out luxurious, glamour villas from all over the country to use either for filming, or for film crew accommodation. As villas are charged by the day for the entire property, this option can work out to be far more affordable for production budgets than traditional hotels, which charge by the person per night.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider hiring your own beautiful space for a special event. With so many villas in South Africa to choose from, 360Villas helps you find just the right space for your needs!


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5 Reasons to Book South African Villas for a Winter Holiday

With winter around the corner, now is a great time to consider booking a South African villa for a holiday in this part of the world. Unlike the cooler northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere boasts winters that are mild and refreshing, with plenty of sunshine to enjoy between rainy and cooler days.

Running from June to August, winter in the southern part of Africa varies across the country, but typically offers gentle weather conditions. Snow may fall in some parts of the country, however this is usually only in higher altitudes. In areas such as Cape Town, snow can often be seen on the mountain, while the city itself is warmer. It is not uncommon to have gloriously warm beach days in the middle of July. In warmer sub-tropical destinations such as Durban, winter is warm enough to hit the beach without feeling a chill, while regions further inland are often dry and cold, in the case of cities such as Johannesburg.

Why is winter such a good time to book villas in South Africa, and what can you expect during this time of the year?

Why Hire South African Villas During Winter Holidays?

From great discounts on accommodation and flights to a variety of activities, sights and experiences, winter is a fantastic season to visit South Africa. Whether you are planning a trip to the Cape, to KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape or anywhere else in the country, here are some reasons to consider booking a villa for a memorable winter escape…

  1. Affordable travel season. The winter is a quieter season as far as tourism is concerned, which means that travel costs are typically lower than they would be during busy tourist seasons such as the summer months between December and March. Many restaurants add even more value to the season with the annual winter restaurant specials, which run in most cities across the country. This makes winter an affordable time to visit – great news if you are on a budget.
  2. Mild winter weather. Some locals like to joke that southern hemisphere winters are akin to northern hemisphere summers. While that remains to be seen, it is certainly true that winters in this part of the world are mild and enjoyable. Unlike very cold places that have heavy snow, constant rain and plenty of gloom, the weather in South Africa is always changing. Sure, it may rain some days. It may get cold and windy, too. But then the sun will suddenly start shining again, bringing warmth and brightness and the chance to head outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.
  3. Fewer crowds; more quiet. As we mentioned above, winter is considered low season for travel. What this means for you is fewer crowds and more peace and quiet. Less queues at various tourist attractions, easier bookings for villas and accommodation, less noise and beaches that are beautifully serene and uncluttered. Flights are also less crowded, making it easier to plan your holiday.
  4. Wide range of activities to enjoy. Whether you love invigorating nature walks, thrilling adventures such as shark cage diving and scuba diving or cultural activities such as theatre, music, ballet and opera, winter offers plenty to do across the country. As the weather is so often just the right balance of cool and clear, outdoor activities are excellent during this time. Bird watching and nature photography are both also ideal in winter, while safaris can be enjoyed on clear days too.
  5. Perfect for romance or family fun. What could be more romantic than cuddling up alongside a fireplace in your own personal villa? Or taking horse rides on a wind-swept beach? What about wine tasting and chocolate making? For family holidays, there are many experiences to enjoy both indoors and outdoors. And, with the privacy of a self-catered villa that you have to yourselves, you can enjoy all the comforts of a home-from-home along with full peace and quiet.

As you can see, this time of year offers plenty of advantages for all sorts of travel. In winter and summer; autumn and spring, hiring your very own choice of South African villas is a great way to enjoy a rewarding holiday with friends, family or even co-workers!


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Why Hire a Villa in South Africa for Your Team Building Event?

If you are looking for a rewarding, relaxing idea for a corporate retreat, hiring your very own villa in South Africa offers just the right blend of privacy, flexibility and comfort. With benefits like those on offer, it is no wonder that many companies around the world are considering private villas for team building events.

Happy workers are productive workers. Corporate retreats are a great way to reward employees for the work that they do, while also helping to encourage team work, bonding and relationship building. Typically, these retreats can be just a day or two long, or even a week or longer, depending on how much time your team is able to spare away from work.

To find out why hiring a villa in South Africa makes for a great retreat, keep reading.

South African Villas for Corporate Getaways

Some of the reasons that you may consider hiring a South African villa for your corporate getaway include the following:

  1. Boosted productivity. Getting away from the office on a working holiday will instantly help to revive your employees. Unlike events held at the office, retreats that take place somewhere inspiring and inviting help set the refresh button, which in turn makes teams far more productive and ready to get motivated. Retreats do not feel like regular work either, making the getaway fun for everyone involved.
  2. Good value for money. It is often far cheaper to rent out a villa than book individual hotel rooms. Villas are typically charged for the entire property on a nightly/daily basis, while hotels charge on a per person per night basis. This works out far better in the long run – especially if you are travelling in a larger group.
  3. Ample space for accommodation and activities. You will have a lot more space in a villa, with sleeping areas as well as entertainment, meeting and other areas to use. Dining areas, swimming pools and outdoor areas can also be utilised. In a hotel, you have to book separate meeting space and there is not as much flexibility in regards to how you want to use the space either. With your own private space, you can decide where you want to host that brain-storming session or sports day obstacle course.
  4. More flexibility in schedules. Hotel board rooms are limited by schedules, booked hours and other guests who may have booked the room before or after you. Then there are other schedules that are in place, including housekeeping, meal times and even fitness centre or pool hours. In your own villa, you can make your own schedules with far more flexibility.
  5. Privacy. Without having to deal with guests that are typically found in a busy hotel, you can enjoy total privacy in your hired villa for the duration of your stay. No interruptions, no noisy kids at the swimming pool, no space restrictions and no thin walls. Instead, you can make as much (or as little) noises as you like, without having anyone to disturb or be disturbed.

Now that you have some good reasons for hiring your own villa, all you need to do is find just the right one for you and your team. With a huge variety of beautiful locations across the country, finding the perfect choice of villas in South Africa for your corporate retreat is easier than ever thanks to 360Villas.


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When is the Best Time to Book South African Villas?

While any time is a good time to consider booking South African villas, each season in this country has something unique to offer visitors. Whether you are planning to travel for business or pleasure; family time or romance, every season is filled with things to see, do and experience.

Set at the southernmost tip of Africa, South Africa is a country famous for its world-class beaches, rich cultures, abundant wildlife, lush scenery and fascinating history. From the beaches of Cape Town and the Eastern Cape, to the open landscapes of Gauteng and the sub-tropical climes of KwaZulu-Natal, the country has become a popular destination for travellers all over the world.

For many, the busy summer season that falls during November and March has become a popular time to visit. But the seasons of spring, autumn and winter hold plenty of advantages for travel too. Keep reading to find out more about which season is ideal to book villas in South Africa.

When to Hire Villas in South Africa

Winter, spring, summer and autumn – each season is experienced to full degree in this part of the southern hemisphere. One of the things that makes South African villas in huge demand throughout the year is the country’s mild climate, ensuring a chance to enjoy a holiday here without the worry of harsh winters and excessively warm summers. Some of the highlights to be enjoyed in each season include:

  • Winter – June to August. The winter months vary depending on which part of the country you are in. On the coasts of KwaZulu-Natal, which is known for its year-round sun, winters are warm enough to enjoy the beach even in the middle of July. In Cape Town, cold, wet days are interspersed with hot sunny days, while the Eastern Cape’s coast remains fairly temperate, even if inland areas are known to be cooler. Gauteng can be cooler in winter, but rain falls more often in the summer months, which means that the weather is usually dry. Winter activities to enjoy in South Africa include ice skating, safaris, shark cage diving, wine tours and plenty more besides. Travel is often more affordable during this time as well, due to it being low season.
  • Spring – September to October. The transition to spring is one that is evident across the country. This is when wildflowers begin to bloom in a riot of colour, bringing shades of pink, purple, orange, yellow and green to fields, gardens, parks and nature reserves. Bird watching is excellent during this time of year, as are nature walks and hikes. Whale season begins in earnest from late autumn, running until early November – in the Cape province, whale watching is an important highlight during spring along with the blooming of wildflowers. Weather during these months is typically mild across the country.
  • Summer – November to March. The summer months are all about beaches, outdoor activities, game drives, adventure sports, self-drive adventures and holidays. Schools across the country usually finish for the year in December, while many locals plan their annual leave around this time too. For those who have never experienced Christmas during the summertime, the festive season is certainly something to behold. In true South African style, barbeques, al fresco dining, swimming and relaxation are the order of the day. This is the busiest time to travel, so bookings for holidays and trips in summer should be planned well in advance to ensure that you are able to secure your preferred villa.
  • Autumn – April – May. The start of autumn is subtle but swift. Depending on the region, autumn can be wonderfully evident in all its shades of red, orange and brown, or it can be very scarcely noticed aside from the hint of cool in the air. Days become shorter, the air becomes fresher and the countryside begins its preparations for winter during this time. But while nights start cooling down, days are warm enough to enjoy beaches and outdoor attractions, without the summer crowds. This makes autumn a pleasant month for travel.

As you can see, every season is ideal for a holiday to the south of Africa. With so many spectacular villas in South Africa to choose from, planning your trip has never been easier… whatever the season.


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Choosing South African Villas for Business Travel

While the leisure market certainly accounts for a good portion of accommodation in the country, a huge number of South African villas are equally geared towards business travelers who are seeking a fully equipped, conveniently located home away from home.

From large scale conferences all the way to team-building holidays, important meetings, client pitches, fundraising events, product launches, corporate stays and even short trips that last just a day or two, South Africa is becoming a major location for business travel. Cities such as Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town are not only home to first-rate conference centres, but also many corporate headquarters, national branches and even international businesses that have chosen to be based in one of Africa’s fastest growing business sectors.

If you are travelling to the country for business, considering a self-catered, private and comfortable option such as South African villas allows you to forgo the impersonal feel of a hotel, while also offering the benefit of more space, more exclusivity and more luxury.

How to Find Suitable Villas in South Africa for Business Trips

What are the things that you should be looking for when finding the right villa for your needs, and how do you go about finding the best place to stay? Depending on the type of trip you are planning, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some tips to help you get started include the following:

  • The convenience factor. Obviously, it will make life far easier if you can find a villa or apartment that is close to the place where you will be doing business. Once you know where you will be working during your stay, you can start to look in that area or nearby. But don’t feel tempted to take the first place you see purely because it is close to the convention centre. In a city such as Cape Town for instance, there are many quieter areas that are within easy reach of the City Centre, while still being ‘away’ enough to escape the hustle and bustle after work is done for the day. Camps Bay, Clifton, the Waterfront and the suburbs of the City Bowl are all such examples of nearby destinations.
  • The number of people in your party. Travelling alone, or bringing along your entire team? Having a confirmed number of people in your group is essential when sourcing any accommodation, and for villas, this is certainly important, too. You will also need to have an idea of group configurations as well, in case any sharing may be required. For example, your group may comprise of two senior partners and two assistants. The former will need en-suite rooms, while the latter may not mind sharing a double room if they are friends. A notable advantage of hiring villas is that, instead of paying per person per night, you pay a set cost for the entire property for the duration of your stay. This can add significant savings when travelling in larger groups.
  • The comfort factor. Of course, you will want to feel at home for the duration of your stay. This is another advantage of hiring a villa in South Africa. The majority are equipped with everything you could ever need for a comfortable stay; from a kitchen loaded with modern appliances and utensils, to entertainment systems, swimming pool, deck, relaxation areas, work areas and plenty of other features that enhance your sense of well-being. After all, just because you are travelling for work, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to relax when you have the chance.

While these three factors are the most important ones to consider when choosing a villa, often, the choice comes down to any number of things. Always make sure that you have a proper look at all features, photos and service options when considering accommodation, and ask if you are unsure of anything. This will save you plenty of fuss further down the line, ensuring that your choice of villas in South Africa is exactly what you need.


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10 Reasons to Book a Villa in South Africa

Thinking about booking a villa in South Africa for your upcoming travels? Here’s what you need to know.

With its abundance of natural landmarks, historical attractions, beach destinations and diverse scenic locations, the southernmost country in Africa has become a prime travel destination for business and leisure travellers alike. Very few other places in the world offer the ability to combine Big 5 safaris, city escapes, beach vacations, honeymoons and world-class conferences… in one single country. But in this part of the world, diversity is just one of the things that South Africa does best.

Just in case you needed any more reason to consider a South African villa for your next holiday or trip, we’ve put together a list of what makes this country worth a visit.

Why Should You Consider Booking South African Villas?

From nature to history; culture to adventure; forests to oceans… visitors staying at villas in South Africa have the advantage of a world of experiences at their fingertips when staying in this one-of-a-kind destination. Some of the top reasons to plan a trip to this part of the globe include the following:

  1. Nature-lovers’ paradise. If it’s nature you’ve come to see, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Across each province, natural landscapes abound. Forests, lakes, mountains, valleys, rivers, bushland, wetlands, coastal habitats and even deserts can all be found here. Not surprisingly, this has made the country a prime choice for nature photographers, who have a vast range of landscapes to capture from coast to coast.
  2. Perfect for romance. South Africa has also become a favourite for destination weddings, along with honeymoons. It is ideal for a romantic weekend away with a loved one, or a surprise anniversary holiday for a beloved spouse. Beaches, luxurious villas, secluded game reserves, delicious food, warm weather… what could be better?
  3. Fun-filled family holidays. From Gauteng to Cape Town, Durban, the Garden Route and throughout the rest of the country, family holidays have the advantage of a huge diversity of things to see, do and experience for all ages. Hiring a spacious villa gives you the benefit of privacy and space for little ones, allowing you to relax without worrying about hotel limitations.
  4. Diversity of cultures. Experience the rich cultures of Mzanzi, from the Zulu homelands in KwaZulu-Natal to the Xhosa culture that is rooted in the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces, the Sotho cultures in Gauteng and plenty more besides. English, Afrikaans, Indian, Chinese and many international influences can also be found throughout, providing a mix of cultures that is as unique as the country itself.
  5. Historical landmarks galore. Experience a wealth of museums, monuments, historical sites such as the Cradle of Humankind in Gauteng, Robben Island in Cape Town, the Battlefields in KwaZulu-Natal and many other places that have a long history dating back through the ages.
  6. Best beach holidays. Top beach destinations include Cape Town, which is known for its two oceans (Atlantic and Indian – each with their own range of beaches); Durban, which has year-round sunshine and warm water (and the famous Golden Mile beachfront); the Garden Route, which is home to the beach meccas of Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Jeffery’s Bay; and the Eastern Cape, which is home to the beaches of East London, Port Elizabeth, Coffee Bay and many others worth visiting.
  7. Great for business travel. Home to many renowned conference centres, and playing host to a number of prestigious corporate events, many international companies have chosen this country as their headquarters, while others have national offices based throughout the country. With a plethora of apartments, villas and other centrally based accommodation options in and around major cities across the country, planning that business trip has never been easier.
  8. Self-catering convenience. In a country designed for tourism and travel, it makes sense that self-catering accommodation is widely available throughout the country. Ranging in size, type and quality, you can take your pick from smaller apartments located in city areas, luxurious beach villas in prime locations such as Cape Town’s Camps Bay or Clifton, or opt for something just out of the way enough to ensure tranquillity and peace during your stay. Whatever you choose, self-catering is the simplest way to enjoy your stay without restrictions and interruptions.
  9. Wildlife encounters. Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant National Park and a huge abundance of additional wildlife parks, reserves and private farms can be found here. This provides the best place to enjoy a safari like no other, with sightings of the Big 5 (lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo) along with many other species of game and bird.
  10. No shortage of things to do. But it’s not just safaris that are offered, either. Whatever your preferences – designer shopping, wine tasting, horse riding, paragliding, shark cage diving, canopy tours, markets, kayaking, boat cruises, wining, dining, relaxing… you are sure to find more than enough to do each and every day of your stay.

With its excellent weather and huge range of attractions, it is no wonder that celebrities and regular folk all say the same thing – South Africa is one of those places that has to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Plan your trip simply with the help of our wide selection of South African villas, which cater to all travel requirements and budgets.

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Top Destinations for South African Villas

With the abundance of landscapes, beaches, attractions and activities found throughout the country, it is no wonder that South African villas remain in high demand each and every year. From the busy peak season that runs from November to April in the southern hemisphere summer, to the cooler yet equally magnificent months from May to October, every time of year is a good time to visit this rewarding country.

For those thinking about enjoying a holiday in Africa’s southernmost country, the most sought-after destinations are usually found on the coast. Here, both the warmer Indian Ocean and the cooler Atlantic Ocean provide some of the world’s top beaches, along with a diversity of cultures, experiences, landmarks and flavours that will ensure a truly memorable holiday.

Where to Find the Best South African Villas

Which are some of the top picks for those seeking fine villas in South Africa? Here are some of the places that we highly recommend visiting for a family holiday, romantic break, beach escape or a much-needed getaway with friends, family or loved ones…

Cape Town

Fondly referred to as South Africa’s Mother City, Cape Town lies at the southern tip of the country, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other side. In between lies the famous Table Mountain, along with a bustling City Centre that is rich in historical and cultural hotspots, with plenty to see and do. Just outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, the beautiful Cape Winelands can be found, consisting of the picturesque wine-growing towns of Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franshhoek. In the northern suburbs, there are attractions such as Blouberg Beach, Canal Walk shopping centre and Ratanga Junction theme park, while in the southern suburbs, attractions range from Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to the Constantia Winelands, False Bay coastline and Cape Point Nature Reserve. A wide variety of self-catering villas, apartments and other accommodation options can also be found across the peninsula, from the popular, glamorous Camps Bay area to central locations such as Green Point and the City Bowl. Try our top villas such as Msangasanga for a spectacular family villa in the heart of Camps Bay.

Garden Route

Nestled between Cape Town and the Eastern Cape, the lush Garden Route is aptly named. This route is full of greenery and natural attractions, making it one of the Western Cape’s premier travel regions for visitors from all over the world. Key destinations in this part of the country include the coastal town of Knysna, which has grown into a highly sought-after area that attracts millionaire property developers, holidaymakers and leisure-seekers to its pristine shores. Knysna Forest is a nature-lover’s paradise, with a range of walking trails and activities to enjoy. The waterfront area meanwhile is known for its idyllic postcard-perfect views of luxury yachts, amazing sunsets and calm waters. Beaches, the lagoon, a bustling town centre and a large range of shops, art galleries, restaurants and other interesting spots ensure that there are many other things to do in this town. There are a number of game reserves and nature reserves found throughout greater Garden Route area, while beaches in this route are known for their unspoiled beauty and lack of crowds, making this region ideal for those wanting a real beach escape. Top villa picks for this part of the country include Crystal Waters in Knysna.


As the capital of the KwaZulu-Natal Province, Durban is a sub-tropical city that is famous for its wide stretch of beachfront (named the Golden Mile), warm Indian Ocean waters, rich blend of Indian and Zulu cultures and its constant warm weather. This is a destination that offers year-round beach weather – even in the middle of winter. It is also a place known for its friendly people and warm hospitality. Attractions that bring visitors from around the world each year include uShaka Marine World, Durban Botanic Gardens, North Beach, Umgeni River Bird Park and Burman Bush Nature Reserve. Outside of the city, there are many other places worth visiting, such as the Natal Midlands, Battlefields and the beautiful Dolphin Coast to name just a few. One of the top choices for villas in this city includes Milkwood Manor.

Wherever you decide to explore, one thing is for sure – with so many South African villas to choose from, you should have no trouble at all finding just the right place to enjoy your holiday.


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How to Choose South African Villas for Rewarding Family Holidays

Planning successful family holidays often comes down to how well you choose your accommodation, and when it comes to holidays in the southernmost part of the continent, choosing the right South African villas makes all the difference.

While honeymooners, couples, singles and travel groups may consider factors such as proximity to bars, centrality, lock up and go convenience, romantic features or modern style or other surface highlights when choosing somewhere to stay, families have very different criteria. Child-friendly villas and apartments need to be safe, practical, spacious and suitable. A gleaming Camps Bay gem with polished marble floors may be ideal for a couple who appreciate the finer things in life. This type of place may not seem so ideal for those travelling with small children who could easily slip and fall on all of that shiny marble, however.

How do you look for child-friendly South African villas for your holiday, and what else should you keep in mind when travelling with little ones?

Looking for South African Villas for Your Family Holiday? Here’s What You Should Know

If you’re planning an upcoming family holiday to coincide with school being out on a nice long break, getting away to a sunny, enriching destination such as South Africa is highly recommended. Even if you are a local wanting to holiday in Cape Town, or you simply want to plan a family weekend near the beach, the following tips will help you find just the right place to stay.

  • Always ask upfront about child policies. Not all villas accept children of all ages, so you want to make sure of how things stand before you even start to consider any property. Many will advertise their child-friendly accommodation clearly, which makes things a lot simpler. If you are unsure, send an enquiry to find out what the process is for guests in your child or children’s age group.
  • Check to see whether the villa is suitable for young guests. A villa may accept guests of all ages (including the very little ones), but that won’t help if there is no fencing around the swimming pool, no lawn or outdoor space for kids to play, no entertainment system or television and no suitable facilities such as cots, cribs and high-chairs on hand. If you cannot easily see from the photos, enquire to see whether facilities can be made available (and if these come at added cost).
  • Aim for accommodation that is central but still private. A compact city apartment may be fine if you’re travelling without kids, but when there are adults as well as small children sharing a very small space that lacks outdoor space or privacy, you will soon start feeling stressed. Properties that are based near beaches, museums and other attractions while still having space to let loose are ideal. Try villas such as Villa Cascades in Camps Bay, which has a large pool as well as a garden, with accommodation spread out over levels rather than squashed up into one tiny venue.
  • Remember that you are ultimately responsible for child supervision. If your chosen accommodation does not have fencing, child proofing or non-slip floors, you will need to keep an eye on the kids to make sure that they stay safe. Always make sure that at least one adult is there to supervise pool time, set clear rules for running in the house and make sure that you know where your kids are at all times.
  • Make a list of all the family friendly activities and attractions are found nearby. As every parent knows, keeping the younger ones busy is key to a stress-free holiday. Do your homework before you leave to make sure that you know where all the good places of interest are located, and print out this list to keep on hand once you arrive at your chosen villa. This will make it far easier to plan each day, giving you a wide range of ideas that you can choose from on the fly. If you are visiting Cape Town, we recommend starting with the V&A Waterfront (home to the Two Oceans Aquarium and Mineral World Scratch Patch), Simons Town (home to the Toy Museum, Boulders Beach Penguin Colony and the SA Navy Museum) and the City Centre (home to the SA National Museum and Planetarium) for starters.

With a fair bit of planning, enjoying a hassle-free, relaxing family holiday is entirely possible… especially once you have found just the right choice of South African villas for your stay.

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Choosing the Perfect South African Villa for a Romantic Beach Holiday

Whatever time of year it may be, planning a romantic beach holiday does not have to be limited to Valentine’s Day if you find just the right choice of South African villas to set the tone…

Blessed with an abundance of coastal destinations, plenty of glorious beaches and year-round good weather throughout almost every one of its provinces, South Africa has long been a favourite for honeymooners. But for other happy couples wanting to enjoy a blissful escape near the beach, the country offers a diversity of choice – both in location and in the variety of South African villas to be found from coast to coast.

If you are looking for somewhere perfect to whisk your other half away to this month (or any month!), here are some of our suggestions on choosing the right villa.


Finding Romantic South African Villas for Your Beach Getaway

Unlike family holidays, which may be somewhat limited in the choice of facilities, accommodation and activities, romantic holidays have an abundance of possibilities. This means that everyone is catered to – those who prefer things simple and fuss-free, those who love all the luxury of lavish surrounds, those who want to be right on the beach, those who want to be close to all the action and even those who love long walks on moonlit beaches.

Whatever your tastes veer towards, here are some tips for finding the perfect villa for your romantic escape.

1. Start planning in advance.

If you plan to stay in a popular area such as Clifton in Cape Town, you will need to start your planning as early as possible. The busiest times of year for travel in South Africa is the end of the year, with December, January and February being peak season in Cape Town and many other popular tourist destinations. This can make it harder to book your ideal villa unless you get in there with enough time to plan ahead. Our top villas in this part of the country include the lovely 15 Views Penthouse, which has a to-die-for jacuzzi, cosy outdoor area with views of the ocean and many high quality facilities to ensure a memorable stay.


2. Consider group booking a larger villa.

It can be more affordable to pool resources with close friends (other couples of course, to ensure that no-one is left feeling like a third wheel!) and book a larger villa to share. Many villas are designed to offer everyone ample space, with en-suite bathrooms providing each couple with privacy. Shared spaces such as living areas, kitchen and dining areas, as well as swimming pools and decks can then be used for cocktails, dinners and other couples events. A great larger sized villa in Camps Bay, Cape Town is the gracious Terrace Villa, which has an expansive pool, beach views and an alluring contemporary style.


3. It’s all about the views.

The key to a truly unforgettable beach holiday is making the most of those incredible ocean views. After all – what could be more romantic than the sight and sounds of waves crashing over the sand? Look for villas that have outdoor decks, infinity pools, balconies and other outdoor areas that make the most of the views. This will allow you the perfect place to sip evening sundowners, watch the sun set or rise and enjoy the sea breezes as you watch the tides come and go. A great villa for watching mesmerising sunsets is Hamaya in Camps Bay, which has a spectacular rim-flow pool and some of the best sea views in Cape Town.

4. Privacy is an absolute must-have.

Even if you are holidaying with close friends on a couple’s retreat, you still want to get as much privacy as possible. Look out for villas that offer lots of spaces to enjoy alone time with your loved one – tranquil hot tubs or private pools, garden areas with seating, personal decks or balconies and other areas that can be made private will all be ideal for those wanting some time together away from the others. One such example of a place that gets the privacy factor spot-on is the Knysna villa Crystal Waters, which a large wrap-around deck that makes it possible for every guest to enjoy having their own space.


5. Consider looking further afield, too.

There is no doubt that there are many outstanding choices on hand when it comes to villas in South Africa, but looking a bit further afield can offer some great options, too. Places like Mauritius are so perfect for romance that they appear to have been created purely for this purpose. White, sandy beaches, warm tropical waters and private, well-positioned chalets positioned near the beach, warm breezes, spices and fragrances… all that is needed is you and your loved on to make your escape post-card perfect. We suggest Paradise Beach for a taste of exclusive luxury that few other villas can beat.

Now that you have a better idea of how to choose the right South African villa for your romantic beach holiday, all you need to do is make your selection and start planning a trip that you will both treasure for years to come.


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