Exploring the sea on your villa holiday

The coast surrounding South Africa is one of the most beautiful in the entire world, with an incredible mix of dramatic rocky coastline as well as pristine sandy beaches it is truly a place of wondrous beauty. Thankfully here at 360 Escape Villas we have a range of South Africa villas for you to choose from that are perfectly placed to allow you to make the absolute most of this immense coastline.

One of the most common and exciting ways for people to really get the most from their south African holiday is to delve beneath this coastline and indulge in a spot of scuba diving. The dramatic currents and depths mean it is a favourite with experienced divers that are looking for the exhilarating next step in their diving experiences.

It is when you start to plan a diving holiday that a villa really starts to show itself as the wisest choice as the average diver doesn’t exactly travel light. A quick look at a basic diver kit list highlights the need for the extra space that a villa provides;

  • BCD
  • Wetsuit
  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Regulators
  • Fins

This is just the first six items that you will pack and doesn’t include other items such as a line cutter, weight belt or any spares that you will want to take along with you. One thing that is worth bearing in mind before exploring the South African depths is that there is a huge range of unique wildlife; it is wise to at least be accompanied by a local guide.

If diving is perhaps not your forte then there are literally hundreds of other ways that you can eke out every grain of enjoyment from this incredible coastline. Whether you choose an exciting blast on a jet ski or simply park yourself on a sun lounger with an ice cold drink and only venture in for a paddle you are still sure to have a good time.

If you have any questions regarding booking or activities that are available to you on your holiday then feel free to contact us and our experienced staff will be happy to help you.


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