South Africa Safari Packages & Holidays

360 Escapes Safaris are tailor made to suit your needs as the traveler and are the perfect South Africa safari packages. When traveling to South Africa, seeing the big five is a MUST and we couldn’t recommend anything else above one of our fantastic safari packages!

If you visit South Africa, one of the things you absolutely must do is go on a safari! It’s an absolutely fantastic experience and one which we love arranging for our customers. Whatever your interests, there’s no denying that a great experience a safari is and out South Africa safari packages have been created to cater for all needs and requirements.

We have some suggested itineraries below of some of our South Africa safari packages that have been tried and tested, however, should you have any specific requirements, you can contact us on for us to put together a package that will ensure your dream holiday becomes a reality.

When it comes to South Africa safari packages, think 360 Escapes Safaris!

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