The Benefits of a Self Catering Villa

Self catering is often seen as a more difficult choice than simply going all-inclusive or staying in a hotel. Here at 360 Escapes, we believe that a self catering villa holiday offers the ultimate holiday that is flexible and exciting in equal measure. In this blog, we have outlined some of the main areas in which one of our options for self catering accommodation in Cape Town (and other areas of South Africa) would be the perfect holiday for you.

Space and privacy

One thing that comes at a real premium in a hotel is space; rooms are designed to be as compact and spatially efficient as possible, and therefore the space that you end up with is inevitably limited. In a villa, you have far more control over the size of the property and the room sizes. Villas are generally built as places where people can live, and are therefore far more practical. This makes them perfect for larger families that want separate rooms, but do not want to have to reserve separate hotel rooms to allow this.

The food

The choice of food when staying all-inclusive in a hotel is often very restricted and the meal times are set; this rather goes against the idea of a relaxing holiday, and feels far too structured to be enjoyable. With a villa, you can choose your own meal times and eat exactly what you want. South Africa is renowned for its unique cuisine, and there are certain famous South African meals that you really won’t want to miss out on.

The character

How many hotels out there have real genuine character? Not many. Those that do have character certainly seem to charge extra for it. The rooms in a hotel are all very much the same; clinical and characterless…and that’s no bad thing if you are only spending one night in them. When you want to spend a decent amount of time in a place though, it really helps if it is a comfortable and soothing place to be. Villas in general were once used as homes, and therefore have been built to be comfortable places to spend long periods of time, and they are sure to be perfect for the whole family.

These are just the first three reasons why it helps to choose a villa and self catering for your holiday, and there are hundreds more that we could list. If you need any more convincing then feel free to take a look at some of our villas and let the incredible views and beautiful accommodation put you at ease.


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