When is the Best Time to Book South African Villas?

While any time is a good time to consider booking South African villas, each season in this country has something unique to offer visitors. Whether you are planning to travel for business or pleasure; family time or romance, every season is filled with things to see, do and experience.

Set at the southernmost tip of Africa, South Africa is a country famous for its world-class beaches, rich cultures, abundant wildlife, lush scenery and fascinating history. From the beaches of Cape Town and the Eastern Cape, to the open landscapes of Gauteng and the sub-tropical climes of KwaZulu-Natal, the country has become a popular destination for travellers all over the world.

For many, the busy summer season that falls during November and March has become a popular time to visit. But the seasons of spring, autumn and winter hold plenty of advantages for travel too. Keep reading to find out more about which season is ideal to book villas in South Africa.

When to Hire Villas in South Africa

Winter, spring, summer and autumn – each season is experienced to full degree in this part of the southern hemisphere. One of the things that makes South African villas in huge demand throughout the year is the country’s mild climate, ensuring a chance to enjoy a holiday here without the worry of harsh winters and excessively warm summers. Some of the highlights to be enjoyed in each season include:

  • Winter – June to August. The winter months vary depending on which part of the country you are in. On the coasts of KwaZulu-Natal, which is known for its year-round sun, winters are warm enough to enjoy the beach even in the middle of July. In Cape Town, cold, wet days are interspersed with hot sunny days, while the Eastern Cape’s coast remains fairly temperate, even if inland areas are known to be cooler. Gauteng can be cooler in winter, but rain falls more often in the summer months, which means that the weather is usually dry. Winter activities to enjoy in South Africa include ice skating, safaris, shark cage diving, wine tours and plenty more besides. Travel is often more affordable during this time as well, due to it being low season.
  • Spring – September to October. The transition to spring is one that is evident across the country. This is when wildflowers begin to bloom in a riot of colour, bringing shades of pink, purple, orange, yellow and green to fields, gardens, parks and nature reserves. Bird watching is excellent during this time of year, as are nature walks and hikes. Whale season begins in earnest from late autumn, running until early November – in the Cape province, whale watching is an important highlight during spring along with the blooming of wildflowers. Weather during these months is typically mild across the country.
  • Summer – November to March. The summer months are all about beaches, outdoor activities, game drives, adventure sports, self-drive adventures and holidays. Schools across the country usually finish for the year in December, while many locals plan their annual leave around this time too. For those who have never experienced Christmas during the summertime, the festive season is certainly something to behold. In true South African style, barbeques, al fresco dining, swimming and relaxation are the order of the day. This is the busiest time to travel, so bookings for holidays and trips in summer should be planned well in advance to ensure that you are able to secure your preferred villa.
  • Autumn – April – May. The start of autumn is subtle but swift. Depending on the region, autumn can be wonderfully evident in all its shades of red, orange and brown, or it can be very scarcely noticed aside from the hint of cool in the air. Days become shorter, the air becomes fresher and the countryside begins its preparations for winter during this time. But while nights start cooling down, days are warm enough to enjoy beaches and outdoor attractions, without the summer crowds. This makes autumn a pleasant month for travel.

As you can see, every season is ideal for a holiday to the south of Africa. With so many spectacular villas in South Africa to choose from, planning your trip has never been easier… whatever the season.


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