Why Hire a Villa in South Africa for Your Team Building Event?

If you are looking for a rewarding, relaxing idea for a corporate retreat, hiring your very own villa in South Africa offers just the right blend of privacy, flexibility and comfort. With benefits like those on offer, it is no wonder that many companies around the world are considering private villas for team building events.

Happy workers are productive workers. Corporate retreats are a great way to reward employees for the work that they do, while also helping to encourage team work, bonding and relationship building. Typically, these retreats can be just a day or two long, or even a week or longer, depending on how much time your team is able to spare away from work.

To find out why hiring a villa in South Africa makes for a great retreat, keep reading.

South African Villas for Corporate Getaways

Some of the reasons that you may consider hiring a South African villa for your corporate getaway include the following:

  1. Boosted productivity. Getting away from the office on a working holiday will instantly help to revive your employees. Unlike events held at the office, retreats that take place somewhere inspiring and inviting help set the refresh button, which in turn makes teams far more productive and ready to get motivated. Retreats do not feel like regular work either, making the getaway fun for everyone involved.
  2. Good value for money. It is often far cheaper to rent out a villa than book individual hotel rooms. Villas are typically charged for the entire property on a nightly/daily basis, while hotels charge on a per person per night basis. This works out far better in the long run – especially if you are travelling in a larger group.
  3. Ample space for accommodation and activities. You will have a lot more space in a villa, with sleeping areas as well as entertainment, meeting and other areas to use. Dining areas, swimming pools and outdoor areas can also be utilised. In a hotel, you have to book separate meeting space and there is not as much flexibility in regards to how you want to use the space either. With your own private space, you can decide where you want to host that brain-storming session or sports day obstacle course.
  4. More flexibility in schedules. Hotel board rooms are limited by schedules, booked hours and other guests who may have booked the room before or after you. Then there are other schedules that are in place, including housekeeping, meal times and even fitness centre or pool hours. In your own villa, you can make your own schedules with far more flexibility.
  5. Privacy. Without having to deal with guests that are typically found in a busy hotel, you can enjoy total privacy in your hired villa for the duration of your stay. No interruptions, no noisy kids at the swimming pool, no space restrictions and no thin walls. Instead, you can make as much (or as little) noises as you like, without having anyone to disturb or be disturbed.

Now that you have some good reasons for hiring your own villa, all you need to do is find just the right one for you and your team. With a huge variety of beautiful locations across the country, finding the perfect choice of villas in South Africa for your corporate retreat is easier than ever thanks to 360Villas.


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